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Kind News is an award winning classroom newspaper which features, articles, activities puzzles, and celebrity interviews that teach children the importance of treating people, animals and the environment with care, kindness, and respect. Teaching children the fundamentals of compassion and conservation not only assists in developing responsible citizens, but creates a new generation savy to the needs of animal related challenges in our community.

Merrol Hyde Magnet School
First Grade Classes
says: Be KIND to Animals!!!


The Humane Society of Sumner County says: Teach Kids to care!

We are seeking business, civic groups, and generous individuals who would like to adopt classrooms in Sumner County.

Each $30 dollar tax deductible contribution made to the Humane Society of Sumner County for the Adopt-A-Classroom program provides a K-5 teacher teacher and their class with a subscription to Kind News.

A subscription to KIND NEWS includes nine monthly issues from September through May. Highly acclaimed by thousands of teachers nationwide, KIND NEWS has received numerous awards for educational and editorial excellence.

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  • Nannie Berry School
  • Merrol Hyde Magnet


Beech Elementary:

  • The entire Second Grade - 4 classrooms

Benny Bills Elementary:

  • Mrs. Moyer's Class

Gene Brown Elementary:

  • Ms. Edward's Class
  • Ms. Gaines' Class
  • Ms Lee - 5th grade class
  • Ms. Judd - 3rd grade class
  • Ms. Rodger - 4th grade class
  • Ms. Pryor - 2nd grade class

George Whitten:

  • The entire Third Grade - 4 classrooms

Indian Lake Elementary:

  • The entire Fourth Grade - 5 classrooms

Jack Anderson:

  • The entire Third Grade - 8 classrooms

Lakeside Elementary:

  • The entire Fourth Grade - 5 classrooms

Millersville Elementary:

  • The entire Third Grade - 3 classrooms

St. Joseph School:

  • First Grade Classrooms
  • Second Grade Classrooms

Union Elementary:

  • Two 5th Grade Classrooms Adopted

Vena Stuart:

  • The entire Fourth Grade - 4 classrooms

Walton Ferry Elementary:

  • The entire Third Grade - 4 classrooms



If you would like to contribute to this wonderful opportunity for children click the "Please Donate Now" button on the right to make a contribution or for more information, please contact our Kind News Committe Chairperson: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank you to our KIND NEWS Sponsors:

  • Terry Alexander (One Stop Realty)
  • Ronda Anderson - the Maid Home Service
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ballard
  • Dr. and Mrs. Cliff Brown
  • Sandra Cherry
  • George Anne Haffner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hughes
  • Mrs. Joanne Javorcky
  • Cheryl T. Jones
  • Jeannie Meadows
  • Mrs. Claire B. Penn
  • The Petrelli-Zahn Family
  • Glenda Stone

More Classrooms who care:


Nannie Berry Elementary:

  • Third Grade Class

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