Our Young Supporters




















Molly Olivas, Sidney Stewart, and Alex DuBois of Hendersonville set up a lemonade stand on a warm day recently.  They donated their  earnings of $77.00 to The Humane Society of Sumner County!  Thank you so much!

























Ashlyn and Schafer had a bake sale and a lemonade stand to raise funds for HSSC!   Thank you so much to these young ladies!


















Miss Paige (pictured holding the Kitty Cat), had a birthday party and asked for donations for the Humane Society!  Paige is a long time young volunteer at HSSC and we are so grateful to her and all of her friends for the donations!















Alex Ponce and his Boy Scout Troop started work on May 2nd at the adoption center!  They are working on a project to give us a new secured outside play and training area for our dogs. Thank you so much to the boys, parents, and volunteers who worked so hard on Saturday!  We are excited about this project!