A few weeks ago, during a horrific thunderstorm, someone left sweet Sandy abandoned and scared out in the elements tied to our picnic table during the night! This poor girl was so frightened when we found her the next morning!  She was so happy to come into the adoption center.  She couldn't stop shaking until she got warm and was given some treats. It was soon discovered that Sandy was pregnant.


We can't comprehend why or how someone could be so cruel and heartless to an innocent animal!




















 We are happy to report this beautiful girl is doing well and once her pups are weaned and she completes the vetting process, she will be ready for a loving Forever Family that she absolutely deserves!  


Take a look at our beautiful girl now!  Relaxing outside for a bit and enjoying a beautiful day! She's come a long way! 



On May 9th Sandy had 7 puppies and one puppy on Mother's Day May 10th


 Sandy will be available for adoption in about 6 weeks when she has been spayed and completed her vetting process. The 8 puppies will be available for adoption in roughly 7-8 weeks and we will post updates and pictures.