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  • Can I volunteer?
    Yes! We offer volunteer opportunities on Wednesday thru Saturday, 10:30am to 4pm. Please come by the shelter during those hours to complete a volunteer application. Our board policy states that volunteers must be 16 years of age. Younger volunteers would need to have a parent present while on site.
  • What kinds of animals do you have for adoption?
    We offer cats and dogs up for adoption. You can find photos of our adoptable animals by visiting and following the “Find a Dog” or “Find a Cat” link. Along with a photograph you will find a little information about the animal as well as their adoption fee. You may also come by the shelter to view our dogs and cats that are up for adoption!
  • What are your adoption fees?
    Adoption fees do vary by animal. The adoption fee is listed along with the animal’s photograph. These fees cover spaying/neutering, heartworm testing, vaccinations, veterinarian care and other needed testing. Your animal will go home with you completely vetted.
  • How do I adopt?
    Potential adopters are welcome to come by the shelter when we are open to visit with the cats/kittens and to VIEW ONLY the dogs/puppies in their kennels. If you would like to meet a specific dog, or two, you will need to call the shelter to schedule a 30 minute appointment. After meeting with an animal, you can complete an adoption application at no cost or obligation. All Applications are reviewed by our director and an adopter is chosen. We do not notify the applicants who are not chosen to be the adopter.
  • How long does the adoption process take?
    We do not do same day adoptions. The adoption process typically takes a few days but may take up to a week.
  • How can I surrender a dog or cat?
    Because we are a no kill facility we do stay at maximum occupancy. We are able to bring in new animals as we find homes for the animals we house. If you have an animal that you need to surrender, please call or email us. We will gather information from you about the animal, determine if the animal will be a good fit for our facility and do our best to let you know when we may have a space. Please keep in mind that we can only estimate a surrender date since it does depend on available kennel space. WE DO NOT DO WALK IN SURRENDERS.
  • Do you take any animals other than dogs and cats?
    No, we are a facility for dogs and cats only. If you have an exotic animal that you need to surrender please call Kimber’s Kritters at 615-944-7387. If you have a bunny to rehome you can call The Bunny Rescue at 931-223-5530.
  • Do you assist wild animals in need of medical care?
    No. Please call Walden’s Puddle at 615-299-9938 for assistance in this area?
  • Are you Animal Control?
    No, we are The Humane Society of Sumner County. We are a no kill, 501C3 not for profit organization.
  • What if I am witness to neglect or abuse to an animal?
    You will need to report this to your local Animal Control and/or police department. Unfortunately, we are unable to make home visits and we do not pick up animals.
  • What if I have found a dog or a cat?
    First, you will need to report the animal to your local Animal Control in case the owner calls them looking for their pet. We do not pick up animals that appear lost. Then, you can post photos to a Lost and Found page in your community if one exists. And, please call us to report information on the animal. We will keep the information on file in case the owners contact us.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    Appointments are only necessary if you want to meet with a specific dog. Appointments last for 30 minutes. Please call the shelter to make an appointment.
  • Do you spay and neuter?
    No, we do not offer spaying and neutering services. We recommend Sumner Spay and Neuter Alliance (615-452-2233) and The Fix Foundation (270-586-6600)
  • If I have a cat or dog that needs medical attention, can I bring it to you?"
    We do not have a vet on staff. Please take your pet to a veterinarian for medical care.
  • Do you accept donations?
    YES, we are so grateful for your donations. Please see our “Ways to Help” page to make a monetary donation. Our wish list can also be found on our website.
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