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Are you ready to take the plunge?

Having a companion animal in your life is a wonderful and rewarding addition. It is also a personal responsibility that you should take seriously. To be sure that you are ready for a new furry family member, please take a few minutes to ask yourself the following questions:


  • Are you ready to make a commitment to an animal for it's entire life?

  • Do you know and understand the characteristics of the breed (or mixed breeds) that you are desiring?

  • Are you allowed to have an animal where you live?

  • Will your other companion animals accept an addition to your family?

  • Are you financially prepared for the cost of a veterinarian, quality pet food and pet supplies?

  • What about the cost and time for obedience training?

  • Can you afford the time it takes to groom a pet? Can you afford a professional groomer if needed?

  • If you go on vacation, who will take care of your pet?

  • If you adopt a puppy, are you patient enough to work with your new family member through the chewing & crying stages that most pups go through?

  • Is it okay if the animal digs in your back yard?

  • If you adopt a puppy, do you have the time to house-train him?

  • Do you have the patience and discipline to re-train your pet if it has bad habits?

  • If you adopt a cat, will you be ready to keep a litter box in your home?

  • Can you tolerate a kitten or cat scratching on furniture or carpeting?

  • Do you have the patience and discipline to train a cat to scratch on a carpet-covered post?

  • Are you willing to keep the cat indoors?

  • After a long day at work, do you have the energy it takes to exercise a housebound dog?

Getting Started:


Did you see an animal on our available adoption list that really tugged at your heart? The first step would be to come into our adoption center for a date a see if it is love at first sight. Please email us to let us know that you are interested and when you will stop by.



  • For the well being of the animals and based on that particular animal's history, some adoptions may require specific requirements such as a fenced yard, indoor only, special medical needs, etc.

  • Adopters must be 21 years of age.

  • Residence: that you have proof that your own your residence or that you have proof of animal acceptance where you are renting.

  • You may not adopt an animal and give him or her way as a gift. The person who will be the Guardian of the animal must sign the adoption contract.


Adoption Fees:

  • Cats and Kittens: fees vary. This includes sterilization, vaccinations, feline leukemia/FIV testing on all cats and kittens.

  • Dogs and Puppies: fees vary. This includes sterilization, vaccinations, and heartworm testing on dogs 5 months or older.

  • We stagger our fees because every day we are receiving more and more companion animals with conditions such as heartworms, expensive corrective and medical surgeries, animals requiring major dental work, etc. Staggered fees help us to offset the cost of these expenses in addition to our daily care-taking costs.

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