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How HSSC is Helping!

This poor dog was relinquished by the owners in the worst kind of shape possible. This is just a post asking people to consider everything when adopting a dog that will be costly in care & can get out of hand quickly. We get so many customers asking to adopt "fluffy" dogs or hypoallergenic dogs but this is what they need to consider. Thankfully, this dog was finally surrendered after being neglected too long, but at least it's here being cared for. We do this all year around and take in animals all the time in poor shape, but we want people to be aware of how common this is.

Update: We gave him a groom at the shelter(4 hours) and he's lookin' pretty sharp and super happy!!

Want to donate to help us help pups like this one? Click donate at the top of the page to help us provide safe care for neglected fur-babies.

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