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A Word from the Adoption Center

"Linda Toth, retired Realtor Volunteers @ the Adoption Center giving lots of attention/love to one of our many kittens...SEE our NEW Sign as you pull into the parking front lot...@ the center & take notice of the newly painted Handicap & warning signs.. WATCH YOUR STEP & SLOW DOWN AS YOU PULL INTO THE PARKING LOT... THANK YOU for your continued Support.... We are Closed but accepting APPOINTMENTS TO ADOPT ONLY....Humane Society of Sumner County, 16 Volunteer Dr. in Hendersonville.. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP US TO SAVE/ADOPT MORE AND MORE FURBABIES... YOUR SMALL DONATION WILL MAKE A BIG CHANGE IN AN ANIMALS LIFE AT THE ADOPTION CENTER.... EVERY PENNY COUNTS...... 615-822-0061.


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